Aristophane est l'érudit de la troupe.

Véritable puits de connaissances, Aristophane est toujours prêt à partager un récit de voyage, une anecdote croustillante, un fait scientifique étonnant ou son amour des étoiles. Il met souvent ses talents d'orateur et sa joie de vivre au service de la troupe, que ce soit pour instruire le public ou passer un bon moment au coin du feu.

Vous pouvez retrouver Aristophane dans ses animations :

​- Marchands et Voyageurs

- Spectacle

What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is the hottest trend in the coffee industry. Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to give the coffee a lighter body and creamier taste without any dairy. Nitro coffee is served directly from a tap giving it a frothy, full “head,” just like a guinness stout.

What does NitroTaps exactly do?

NitroTaps provides our clients with coffee catering solutions for all event needs. We provide and set up mobile coffee bars on location that serve premium nitro draft coffee beverages with the utmost professional barista staff. Go to our ‘Contact Us’ page to learn about additional services that we can provide to make your event stand out!

How is Nitro Draft Coffee different than other coffee beverages?

Nitro Draft Coffee puts a unique spin on your average cold brew coffee. Some of the benefits that you can find in your nitro coffee includes a forthier and fuller flavor profile, less acidity than your average cup of joe, and a richer density without the need for milk or sugar. We also offer hot nitro draft and nitro espresso.

Does Nitro Draft Coffee require milk or sugar?

We know that each and every person likes their coffee in a very specific way. However, generally, nitro draft coffee does not require milk or sugar. But, hey, everyone has their own coffee needs and we’re here to accommodate.

What types of Nitro Draft Coffee do you carry?

NitroTaps has variety of options when it comes to nitro draft coffee. While your average coffee shop will likely only carry one roaster and only offer cold nitro draft coffee, NitroTaps offers cold brewed nitro coffee, hot draft ntiro, as well as nitro espresso coffee from the best coffee roasters in the world!

What roasters do you carry?

NitroTaps offers a wide array of coffee roasters that we bring right to your event location. For specific details of seasonal roasters please fill out the contact us form. For a brief overview of our main roasters, please take a look at Our Roaster page.

Does NitroTaps only carry draft coffee?

NitroTaps experience is built for one of a kind draft coffee experience. Our service is fast and our product is delicious. We do not make mochas, cappuccinos, or any other beverage that requires foamed milk. We are now offering nitro infused tea options and kombucha.

What type of events do you service?

NitroTaps covers various event sizes, whether you are looking to treat your wedding guests, or making sure all your employees and work associates are energized for your corporate conference, we can create a custom package that will suit your needs. Additionally, NitroTaps modular bar is perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Can I customize the cups, bar, and experience?

NitroTaps can help you customize your event to highlight your brands and products. We can wrap our bar to your logo as well as brand our cups, napkins and much more. Use the contact us form so we can create a custom branded package for you!

What is the process for booking the NitroTaps mobile bar for an event?

All of our catered events are tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Simply fill our contact us form and a member of the NitroTaps team will contact you to walk you through the catering process.

Which locations does NitroTaps serve?

NitroTaps currently only serves customers in the Tri-State area.


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